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Reading Tutor

One on One at your local library. Call to make an appointment: 10am-6pm


I am trained in Lindamoodbell Clinical Interventions for Reading; LipS, Seeing Stars, and Visualizing and Verbalizing. These are proven clinical programs to ensure reading success.

As an early child educator I used Reading Recovery and Guided Reading in the classroom. I use all of these skills to pitch to your child's strengths while remedying challenges.

I also specialize in Grades 6,7,8 reading for study skills and note taking. In 3 months you will see your child make great gains!

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LindamoodBell Reading Programs 

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Math Tutor

Available for one on one in person at your local library. Available for Groups online via Skype. Call to make an appointment at your Local Library or online. 10am-6pm


All Math must start from concrete understanding. Number Sense.

Using manipulatives to understand basic concepts before abstract formulas and symbols may be applied. This is the work of elementary school. Concrete understanding of units is taught using base ten blocks. Addition/Subtraction; how to build up or down the number line. Multiplication/Division up to 2,500. Once these understandings are in place; the manipulatives may be used to illuminate algebraic equations and set the stage for higher order processing. Click below for more info:

Morte‚Äčnsen Math  

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Study Skills for your Learning Style

An extensive and formal Learning Styles Assessment will lead us to the ideal study environment and techniques. 

 I will introduce the student to their strengths and utilize computer programs for study skills success. These include; note taking in class, note taking from text, graphic organizers to manage writing assignments, math bundles to enhance understanding of higher order math concepts.

Call to make a one on one appointment at your local library. 10am-6pm. 925-935-3236

After having the full Learning Styles Assessment, one may then attend our Assistive Technologies workshops.

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