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Charter School Vendor 

Early Elements is an affiliated vendor with Compass Charter School, Pacific Charters Schools, Valley View, Visions. 

Available 9 am- 6pm M-F

Please contact [email protected] or Amy at 925-935-3236

I am available for Homeschool Coaching. I provide explicit custom centers for your child's Language Arts and Math skills practice. 

For One on One teaching, I support new skills being used to advance Reading enjoyment and Math understanding. 

Reading Coaching 

one on one $55 per 30 min


Clincially trained in 

Lindamood Bell , LIPS,  Seeing Stars 

Classroom trained in 

Reading Recovery/ Whole language/ Guided Reading 

The Four Blocks Literacy Centers

Will include explicit tasks for Centers at home. 

Math Coaching

one on one $55 per 30 min


Hands on, Mortensen Math Base Ten Blocks

K-2, Skip Counting

3-6, Multiplication/Division, Fractions, Decimals

Will include explicit tasks/ games for Centers at home. 

Writing Coaching

one on one $55 per 30 min 


Letter Formation

Daily Journal K-2

Phonemic building blocks for Spelling

Seeing Stars spelling.

Story telling

Sentence Construction

Writing process

Will include explicit tasks/games for Centers at home